Flat Roofing in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield

B23 Roofing get a lot of calls for flat roofing work from our customers in Birmingham, and we have 5 star reviews across the board for our flat roofing work. We’re a division of Your Space Innovations Ltd, and if you read the reviews on Checkatrade or Yell, you’ll understand that customer satisfaction is one of our topmost priorities.

flat roof
Flat roofing job in Sutton Coldfield, March 2021

Garage roofs and other types of flat roofing are more prone to leaks and damage than most, and a quick roof inspection by one of our team should help to diagnose what has gone wrong.  Here are some of the issues with flat roofing we’ve found in the past.

1. Bad Workmanship on existing Flat Roofing Membranes

One of the most common causes of flat roofing leaks is, sadly, a poorly installed flat roof due to bad workmanship from the original roofer. Most of these leaks appear within 2 years of the roof being installed, and unless you’ve received some guarantee from the roofer, or have a manufacturer’s warranty for the material, you will bear the brunt of the costs.

B23 Roofing can come an perform a thorough roof inspection to assess the extent of any damage and advise you of any work required to secure your flat roof. All our work comes backed with a guarantee and we advise when materials also have a manufacturer warranty.

2. Aged Flat Roofing Membrane

If your flat roof has stood the test of time for a number of years, but has started to leak, it is commonly a problem with aging.  Modern flat roofing takes advantage of improved materials, meaning that older flat roofing membrane are more fragile than their up-to-date counterparts.  Paint which was applied to reflect the damage from UV rays may have worn off over time, causing the membrane to split and blister.  These leaks tend to happen over winter, as the freeze and thaw cycle accelerates the wear and tear on the flat roof.

Depending on your budget, B23 Roofing can advise on temporary fixes for small areas and patches. Alternatively the flat roof can be capped to preserve the insulation and decking by applying an overlay. However, these fixes would need to be upgraded and new flat roofing installed if the underlying stucture has suffered damage. We are happy to advise on how this work can be carried out whilst keeping your budget in mind.

3. Footfall Damage to the Flat Roofing Material

If your roof has a high footfall with window cleaners, tradesmen, or even  birds, then impact-related damage can be another common cause of punctures and leaks in flat roofing membrane. Tears can happen when sharp objects such as ladders and toolboxes get moved across the roof, or when gravel gets stuck on someone’s shoe. Single ply roofing is particularly prone to such damage..

If you’re expecting foot traffic or equipment placement on your flat roof, we’d recommend you choose a stronger, more reliable flat roofing material such as fibreglass GRP over a less durable substrates. If you have an existing single ply flat roof, it is possible to provide better protection over areas prone to tearing using a polyurethane coating.

4. Leaking Lead Flashing

Lead flashing is a common source of flat roofing leaks. Located at the intersection between the brick wall and the flat roof or other roofing features, the lead flashing is designed to provide waterproofing in these areas. However, it is also a common source of leaks. There are several reasons we encounter, which ultimately expose the roofing structure to rainwater and damp, leading to a leak. These occur when:

(1) The lead flashing degrades over time, losing its integrity and adhesion to the brick wall.

(2) Lead flashings that have not been correctly fixed to the brick wall via cheap adhesives, incorrect surface preparation or dressing will peel away.

One of the team at B23 Roofing will inspect and diagnose any problems with your lead flashing, and discuss an estimate with you to repair the lead flashing in your flat roof.

5. Leaking and Blocked Gutters

The leak in your flat roof might not be coming from your flat roof at all. It could be your gutters. Blocked gutters are a major cause of flat roofing leaks, often occurring when water overflows into the adjacent roofing structure.

B23 Roofing are able to provide gutter clearing and unblocking services, and also an annual roof inspection, which will help prevent future leaks. If any remedial flat roofing is required due to water ingress, we will work with you to solve the guttering and flat roofing problem within a reasonable budget.

6. Damages to Soffit and Fascia

Soffits and fascias are designed to secure your gutters. They also protect the wooden framework of the property from rainwater, snow, ice and animals. Both soffits and fascias are susceptible to rotting and damage – this is often visible via discolouration around the area of any leak. It is particularly common on older wooden systems that lose their waterproofing over time.

As such, we’d usually recommend a PVC board, since these are fully waterproof and resistant to rot. They can be easily installed by a professional roofer and have a multi-decade lifetime.

Flat Roofing Repair Materials

To keep expense to a minimum on your behalf, we usually recommend that most flat roof repairs are performed using the same material as the existing flat roof. However, there are some modern alternatives on the market now which are more versatile. if your budget alows, our B23 Roofing specialist can discuss alternative modern flat roofing solutions such as polyurethane and fibreglass GRP flat roofs with you and help you make the best decision for your flat roof.